“life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint you can on it.” – danny kaye



not me or anyone i know,

but we do share the same room painting technique. 

paint project


my loft bedroom 

up high in the cottage

paint clothes on

sweat pants with lost drawstring

falling down

somehow rear end 

gets painted


lying back

on my tarp covered bed

moved to the center of the room


the low arched ceiling above

paint on my face 

in my ears

in my hair

nacho the cat not the food

crying downstairs

the whole time

finally coming up

 getting wet paint on him

tracking downstairs

must have been

raised by



he does not meow

like a cat

it is more of a

soulful mourning 

bug flies

into the whirlwind

and creates

a textured wall

head hit

on angled walls

time and time again

arms covered

in splatter

i stand

on tippy-toes

balanced precariously

on the edge of the stairs 

 to reach tiny corners

paint dripping and drying

on wood floor in kitchen below

chip it off

curtain downstairs 

taken off 

to avoid paint


rod broken in process

painting quickly 

before the dark of night

when it’s impossible to see up there

in the mood lighting


that’s a lot of color

i can’t wait

to see it

in the daylight

out of paint

put empty can in car

paint gets on seats

goo be gone 

leaves a mark

i’ve decided 

not to become

 a professional

house painter

‘one must act in painting as in life, directly.’ -pablo picasso



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  1. You covered this project with a broad brush, Beth. Wow. You are thorough in your dogged pursuit of a new color in your loft, my friend. The clean-up, though, needs to be hired out to that company where the workers come in with the haz-mat suits, I fear … I think next time you need to plan one of those share-the-work-I-make-the-food parties and invite some friends and relatives (not the little grands, no no no). What to do about Nacho the Cat’s soulful caterwauling? Get a backup band and make a novelty record?

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  2. Hi Beth 😀 A really funny post. Loved it ! You’d better steer clear of my village here in Spain as the women paint their houses. Mine was painted for a pittance by a local Spanish woman after the renovation work. Not a drop on the floor ! xox ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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