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  1. I just spent most of the day writing a Service for next Monday. Then I have another to write for next Thursday, then I was told of another on Wednesday for a Chinese family. I open your post and lost the plot laughing..I so needed this! (That will be me next week) Thank you! xx

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  2. Whew! I made it too!!! Now to get through the weekend! I start by taking my library books back today, get more, and enjoy the outdoors in my gardens as I start putting a blanket over my roses to tuck them in for the winter’s cold. Have a great weekend!!! Love, Amy

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  3. I am sure that although you feel like an exhausted and harried woman, you still have a sunny smile you pull out and manage to grin. Just like this post, you are able to keep us smiling and coming back for more! Take it easy, hope you manage to get all you need to accomplished, or maybe it is over for now? Hugs and smiles!

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  4. there are 5 of us in the ‘Production’ team at work

    my boss has been off ill all week, so 5 became 4 and I have been covering his work as well as my own

    one of our team was suspended and sent home on Wednesday for fighting with another employee in the canteen – so then we were 3 and one of my colleagues covered for the suspended employee in addition to doing his own work

    on Thursday 3 became 2 because the other member of our team had sneakily booked Thursday and Friday off as holiday so I picked up his work as well as my own and that of my boss

    at lunchtime yesterday, 2 became 1 as my remaining colleague doesn’t work Friday afternoons – so for 3 hours I did the work of 5 people

    by the time I got home, I felt much like that cockerel and couldn’t wait to open a bottle of wine !

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