once. again.



one of my all time favorites


an indy film

shot in ireland

in just a few weeks

for only 150,00 usd

with real people

and real music


love and heart and soul

and the stars/musicians were shocked

when they won an academy award

for their song

and they fell in love in real life

and they made music together

and then

they broke up in real life

and stayed friends

and still make music together


and the movie was remembered

then made into a broadway play

and i was lucky enough

 to see it

when it was on tour here

 the stage

 was an irish pub

the audience was invited up

to have a drink on stage

while the cast fiddled away

then the play began

and it was

all beautiful music and love and heartbreak and ireland

and i loved every minute of it



if music be the food of love, play on. –

william shakespeare


movie credit: fox searchlight features

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  1. I am so happy that you got to be on stage in the Irish pub having a drink to the fiddlers with the cast to the story of the movie that you loved loved loved Beth. Yes. Great day. Way to go. )) You captured the spirit, from the making of the indie movie in Ireland right to the trip to your town so well.

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  2. Astonishing that an entire industry can spring up from that quiet, thoughtful film. The show is still running here on Broadway but it now scheduled to close in January after a very long, successful, lucrative run. They tried to film a sort-of remake with Mark Ruffalo and Keira Knightly (Begin Again) but it paled as compared to the original. You can’t create lightning in a bottle. It happens spontaneously.

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  3. I need to see this, thanks Beth!! Wow! I had mentioned when it came out I wanted to, but my youngest daughter went with a group of her server/friends! They enjoyed it, but she said, “You will find more meaning in this, than I did!” I now need to rent it! hugs!

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