how many can i be?



little guy in my class




all of the things

he wants to become


make delicious food

ballet dancer

the ballerinas are so beautiful

i want to marry them


make pretty things

movie maker

monsters, aliens, bugs


find things


see the whole world


make up new things


tell stories to people


make songs


how many can i be?


there is something

that i really, really

 need to be the most

i need to be a dad

i have to be a dad for my daddy


 he doesn’t have one


his daddy

my poppy



i think i’ll be

his daddy

he needs a daddy

the great man is he who does not lose his child’s-heart.  ~mencius

image credits:, getty images

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  1. Oh god Beth I read and scrolled down after just watching a dance competition on the TV, where the story line was a mother losing her son. Then I read I have be a dad for my daddy and by the last sentence, I was choked up and teary. I can’t say any more, this is so sad. 😢 x

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  2. So special and you are a good set of listening ears and will encourage this growth in choices. I liked the Kohl’s Cares Christmas selection of books where Snoopy is a Boy Scout Leader, a ballet dancer and many other things, all acceptable in our loving eyes, as teachers, parents and members of this great world of selections and choices to make! Being a daddy to his poppy, so special and beyond words, Beth…. speechless! (me)

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    • i tend to combine visuals to support my words to provide for a more complete feeling. in this case, i found the pics to go with the words about the little guy who cared so much, and i think they fit his story –

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