a sudden reversal of fortune.



this was lj’s response

as i broke the news

that i’d saved him

a birthday treat

  his classmate

had brought in

 the day before

when he had been absent

rabbit the penguin

i’m sure

he imagined


wonderful treat

such as this

giant cupcake

as big as his head

all gooey chocolate

and rainbow sprinkles

and wonderful goodness


he closed his eyes tight

in giddy anticipation

and waited


and then

i came back

with this



granola bar










this was lj’s response

as soon as he saw it


took it all in


his eyes

got big




fill with water


his head

went down


it was

the letdown

of the century

food should be fun.
– thomas keller

all pics courtesy of google images

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  1. Very cute. It’s like when the kids got clothes for Christmas or a birthday. We were watching an old video of my son on his 4th birthday. He was opening presents. When he opened one from my mother-in-law that happened to be clothes it was so cute. The intonation in his voice when he said, “Clothes.” and you can hear me in the background saying oh that’s nice so my mother-in-law would not feel bad.

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  2. Oh, sure, you had to go and give him the biiiiiiiiiig buildup, Beth. Poor little guy. That cupcake photo, by the way, my tastebuds are still squirting, and I read your post and all the comments between there and here.

    The granola bar isn’t so bad if you’re our age and need a quick snack out the door between errands or something. Otherwise … sad little aardvark.

    Note to mom who brought in birthday treats: bite-sized cupcakes next year instead? Her heart will fall if she sees this post, Beth.

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    • oh, mark. you have no idea how bad i felt. i just had no idea he would get so excited and have such a huge idea in his head. as for granola mom and son, mom does not have any idea i’m a blogger, and son wasn’t there when it all went down in the morning before school, so all of the innocents are protected here. i would never want a kid or parent to feel bad about whatever they brought to share. i was as shocked as lj about the situation – poor guy )

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  3. Oh this reminds me of my younger brother. He was always so lovely. When he was only four my older sister gave him a tie for Christmas. It was only a joke, but he gave her a big hug and even though obviously gutted he said ‘It’s one of my favourite presents ever’. I remember thinking at the time I’d have thrown it at her.
    A few minutes later he got his proper present and was a very happy boy.
    I must say I am with your final quote… food should be fun. The poor fella.

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  4. You are so mean! Just kidding, it is hard when kids always expect such wonderful things from the adults around them. Imagine if it had been green kale or a spinach brownie. I was given with such smiles and promise a brownie with a tan stripe last week, oh my mouth salivated…. caramel or peanut butter! Yummy expectations. I am sorry to say I was tasting a big bite of pumpkin! Now, let’s just say I like pumpkin pie, with whipped cream or ice cream but not when I was expecting the alternative!

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