black hawk down.


if you see mt. fuji, a hawk, and an eggplant on new year’s day,

you will be forever blessed.

-japanese proverb

coyote hills


if you go

to your middle daughter’s house

(one of the infamous h’s)

 for coffee

and see a

beautiful and wounded

black hawk

walking around the back yard

and it turns into


rescue adventure


and the

emergency animal  squad

shows up

within minutes

to help save him


restore him to good health


then your new proverb would be

‘if you see a pond, a hawk with a broken wing and a cappucino

on a random sunday, 

you will be forever blessed.’

and then

you will have your coffee

and wonder

if that just really happened

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  1. So cool Beth – a chance to give an animal a helping hand – they are usually so independent of humans – except of course for Nacho – who pretends to be independent.

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  2. This connects, in a little different way than any of your other writings … ‘Not saying better, but distinctly and elegantly different … The whole piece, yes … Call me a bit off, here, but there is a piece of transcendence, transcending the here-and-now into living outside yourself, entering the world of a winged creation of the Creator … finally, this last portion: “… and then you will have your coffee and wonder … if that just really happened …” Yeah, this was good.

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  3. You reminded me of the owlet I saw during the day a few years back. I’m not sure if ‘she’ fell out of a tree or not. But she let me get close (though I didn’t have a camera a the time) and talk to ‘her’ for about fifteen minutes – though I didn’t get any answers 😉
    She tried to climb up the tree instead of flying. But ‘she’ finally must have flown off – I went inside to do something and when I returned ‘she’ was gone.

    Blessings always to you and yours – and to all ‘Thanksgiving’ wishes.

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