now you see it, now you don’t.



as my mac book air


the warmth


the counter top

it enters into

a world of the unknown

a giant ziploc bag

filled with rice

with fingers crossed

and plenty of hope

for a speedy recovery

and i had a good laugh

when i realized

that i had


brown rice

in hopes

that it would


be healthier

for it

β€œcross your fingers, throw salt over your shoulder, knock on wood…

simple folk remedies for unfortunate situations.

silly superstitions…

but were they based in truth from a past long forgotten? i didn’t know,

but it wouldn’t hurt to just do it and let the universe do its job if it was of a mind to.

don’t you think?”
― madelyn alt

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  1. bwahahaha! Brown rice – ha! I’m assuming you’re using the rice to dry out the laptop.Good luck.

    You’re right about the old wives tale. For instance it was said that if a full moon shines through your bedroom wimdow and hits your face while you sleep, that a spirit will possess you. It actually turns out that a full moon has enough light to reset your sleep cycles, which will take days to return to normal and in the meantime you won’t rest properly and will be cranky and out of sorts.

    Fun post Beth.

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  2. Mine recovered from nearly an entire cup of coffee spilled into it. I didn’t use rice, just tented it in a V shape after quickly unplugging and mopping up the immediate spill, and then didn’t turn it on for a week. Keyboard sticks now, so I have to use a USB add-on. Mine is a six year old Dell, your MMV. Mine will probably die just about the time all of the holiday deals are gone, lol!

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  3. You know, if I drink too much coffee on a weekend day and don’t do much to burn off the energy, I feel uncomfortably edgy and don’t work well, and sometimes a glass of wine or other beverage takes the ferocious edge off the caffeine buzz, moving me into a more useful state. So…maybe you should try pouring a small glass of boxed wine over it?

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  4. Well, brown rice and Apple may just do the trick! smiles! fingers crossed and I did love my rabbit’s foot while young. Although now, it sounds kind of creepy and gross… Beth, did you ever have a rabbit’s foot?

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