who is rebecca hunter?


francoaccornero4rebecca hunter

is the

nom de plume

that i chose

many years ago

as i planned

to write


bodice ripper

romance novel


if you ever


the name

on a cover

pick up the book

ย only you

will know


the author

really is


it promises

to be

a classic

of sorts

romance is the glamour

which turns the dust of everyday life

into a golden haze.

– carolyn gold heilbrun


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  1. I imagine the Hunter will be writing about the hunted, about a lass being pursued by, in the lyrics of Bonnie Tyler, a “white knight upon a fiery steed, fresh from the fight, and larger than life.” Commence with the chapter!

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  2. Ha ha ha…. too funny… I also have a nom de plume who is chomping at the bit to write a mystery novel but the way things are going she will never be unleashed on the world! At least you are brave enough to reveal the name!

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  3. This is going to freak you out, but once upon a time, Mom and I wrote a couple of stories to send to those old magazines called, “True Romance.” Once we used Rebecca, (since my family of 5 R’s loved this name as a possible ‘sister’ to my two brothers and myself…)
    Anyway, we were never published with our torrid romances! I am so waiting to see this wonderful book which would be so much better than “50 Shades…” ha ha!

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  4. Can you rip a sweatshirt? Just wondering and I’ll definitely have to let my hair grow longer, but I’m okay with that. I don’t have a peasant blouse but I’ll do my best to find one. After the sweatshirt is ripped or cut or simply removed, what do I do when he runs away screaming and clawing at his eyes? Any ideas you may have will be appreciated. Thank you in advance. Oh, I can ride a horse so I could probably catch him, if you want to add that to the story. I’ll watch out for your book, definitely:)

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  5. Whatcha waitin’ for, Beck? Same thing I am–early retirement and lots of free time to write? I want to hit “like” on your comment about Santa Claus, but, you know, I’m not really hoping for that cover guy to come to life. Gotta love the bare shoulders on the woman though; does she follow the Santa Claus rule also?

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  6. Make sure it’s available on e-books… I just got gifted an older e-reader ๐Ÿ™‚
    Cool name. Keep those fingers a hunting and pecking!! But I’m guessing you know how to type ๐Ÿ™‚

    We all have different sides that eek out of the norm. Romance novels are fun escapes!

    Good Luck!!!

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