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through my fingers.


maurice sendak’s

“where the wild things are”

was initially pitched as

 “where the wild horses are”

his editor loved the pitch but

sendak could not draw horses

so the wild things he drew

ended up being

caricatures of his relatives.

“writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers.”
-isaac asimov

credits: maurice sendak, “where the wild things are” – 1963, harper and collins



laugh ’til your meatballs fall apart.



     Author, Ermine Cnningham, ( known to wordpress bloggers as: Ermigal from ‘odds and ends from ermigal) https://ermigal.wordpress.com – has written a wonderful and lively romp, “Pretend You Know What You’re Doing – My Voyage From Teacher to Humor Writer.” In this sweet and funny book, Ermine offers up her tale, a mix of prose and blog posts, chronicling the story of how she grew to be the hilarious and well-rounded, (in a positive Italian way), woman she is today. I was lucky enough to have an early read and am happy to invite you to share in the fun.

Her book is available through amazon.com and erminecunningham.com.

Laugh ‘Til Your Meatballs Fall Apart (My Amazon review below)

Ermine Cunningham, retired teacher, and now, humor writer, and woman of the world, has written this hilarious book that will keep you laughing from beginning to end. She chronicles her bumpy journey, through trial and error, into the worlds of teaching, corporate working, dating, being part of an Italian family and beginning her own family. Once she has mastered all of these, she finds herself in a completely new role, as a retiree, feeling her way through the world of volunteering, blogging, writer’s workshops, salsa dancing, and all sorts of new things. If you’re looking to laugh and to follow a positive and creative woman on her road trip through life, I highly recommend this book. You will not regret a second spent reading it, and you might even learn something, even if it’s just what not to do.


who is rebecca hunter?


francoaccornero4rebecca hunter

is the

nom de plume

that i chose

many years ago

as i planned

to write


bodice ripper

romance novel


if you ever


the name

on a cover

pick up the book

 only you

will know


the author

really is


it promises

to be

a classic

of sorts

romance is the glamour

which turns the dust of everyday life

into a golden haze.

– carolyn gold heilbrun