enjoying the children’s nook upstairs at the local bookstore.



today a little girl bought her own book with her own allowance money.

“does she always spend her allowance money on books?”

“every week,” her mom said.



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  1. Beautiful to behold Beth. My Dad (who passed away some years ago) loved to watch the little ones read and write, He didn’t have much time in his life for that – he had to leave school for work at grade 7 to help support the family when his Father passed away (that was 1945). Although he was functionally literate, he often struggled with the written word. Regardless of that handicap he worked his way from a janiter in a bakery up to the general manager of a large affiliated plant with 500 employees under him. Still until his dying day whenever he saw a child reading or writing he would stop for a moment to consider and you could see hm smile. Thanks for the memory Beth.

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  2. Bookstore, you still have a local Bookstore??? I’m so jealous. I just finished reading The Storied Life of A.J. Firky and got all nostalgic for the good old days when Borders still sold books and coffee in my hometown. I’m so bummed that I can’t take my grandkids there to browse the Children’s section and get the newest book in their favorite series or even, gasp, find a work from a promising new author. The Library is good, but not quite the same experience.

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      • Hi, Beth, maybe I told you this before but there are printable pages from the Jan Brett website. All of the alphabet and the animals, too. I love the hedgehog and also the pages you can use for Centers. We would have a Jan Brett month and use them, then tire of all the same things and of course, the curriculum would change,too. Just saw the library had the Jan Brett decorations for the Hedgehog book and wanted to let you know… My teaching assistant and I loved coloring the elaborate edges on the designs. smiles but the kangaroo and this book nook post got me thinking!

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