‘life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.’ – anais nin




broiga and an abandoned joey who he named roger.

at the kangaroo rescue sanctuary in alice springs



‘here’s my little boy roger today at sunset. he is standing on his tail, muscles flexed, looking me in the eye and ready to box! big male kangaroos are expert kick boxers. enjoy your boxing day.’

– broiga

credits: https://www.kangaroosanctuary.com

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  1. Get too close and annoy the saved guy, and I fear it would be “Roger and out!” Kickboxing champ indeed. The cute little fella grew up to be a big burly ‘roo. Thanks for this illustrative post of rescues down under, Beth.

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  2. I enjoyed this touching post, the baby joey and the grown one who seems to be strutting his stuff! He looks like an athletic “man” but is a kangaroo. It is funny how he is looking right at the camera, so smart!! Fun post, again!!

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