happy 178th birthday to my state of michigan



and thanks for being in a the shape of a mitten

so i can always show where i’m from

or where i’m going

or where i got lost


and thanks for both peninsulas

i love both of you

and thanks for being surrounded by the 5 great lakes so i never go thirsty

and for being so close to canada so i can travel internationally


i know you’ve had some rough years

but you look pretty good for your age

at least to me.


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  1. Thank you for the map and the hands and the green mittens to drive home your point. M is for Michigan, the Mitten state, 178 years young, all of them that were shared with Beth great years, I might venture to say. )) For she is a bon vivant athlete and international traveler and splendid cottage owner and grand Peaches of Ann Arbor!!

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  2. Nice book, lovely words you chose to ‘serenade’ Michigan with. I agree, she looks pretty good to me for her age (or his or its… smiles!) I love the way you used your hands to demonstrate knowledge of all the parts of the state, Beth!
    Celebrate and I shall drink a toast in Michigan’s honor tonight, Beth! Wish I could have a slice of cake… yummy thought.

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      • We will, I know this will happen, Beth! We are not like across the ocean from one another.
        I came back to tell you I liked the robin on the picture of the mitten. Is it your state bird? Ours is a cardinal… smiles and sleep tight, if you have to work tomorrow. Is it snowing like it is in New England up there? I think our (Ohio and Michigan) storm front will be on Sunday evening, as far as the weather man says…


        • i agree, robin and yes to the robin. as for weather, i think some wintry stuff is on for tomorrow and after that, who knows? it’s been a pretty easy winter so far )


    • thanks! I’m glad your wife is in the know and that you can appreciate this special story telling method. i’m glad you had a chance to see mackinac, and hopefully more )


  3. I was disappointed I only heard about the anniversary late in the day yesterday. But I have an excuse not knowing the birthdate of my new home state; I’m from New Jersey and our state-origin date is really easy to remember unless you consider it to be too complicated an issue to bring up.

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