‘let’s just make something quick ‘n easy.’



(actual brick, not the frozen chili brick, but a very close resemblance)

it was a blustery night

mg and i had gone out early for a bit 

then later

as we settled in

for a movie

and a place on the couch

in warm pajamas

we had the great idea

to make


to eat

that was

‘quick ‘n easy’

we were 

too tired

to even

make sandwiches


that’s when

we found it

the massive

frozen brick of leftover chili

the perfect solution

no effort involved

no trouble at all



we had to get it out

of it’s plastic container

and thought

it would pop right out


it was frozen solid to the sides

we used hot water 

and knives

and all kinds of sharp objects

and we wrestled with it

and looked for the scissors 

to cut the container

off of it

and finally

coaxed it out


into the pan

where it refused 

to return to it’s original form

and we scraped it

and flipped it

and splashed stuff all over

and tried to chop it up

and chipped away at it 


the brick held fast

and i wished 

we had

a blowtorch

and we were almost sweating

from all the exertion

and we could not stop laughing

at this quick ‘n easy solution

and i heard things like:

‘maybe a sandwich would have been easier after all’


‘i think we’re making some headway with the edges’


we laughed even harder

as it steamed

and simmered

and sputtered

and finally:

‘i want to be positive and not negative, but there is still a lot of it that is frozen…’


it held fast

and we decided to walk away for a time

and when we returned

it had




to its 

liquid state of being

at last


we poured it into bowls

and it was hot as all get up

and our tongues were on fire

and it 

hadn’t exactly been

‘quick ‘n easy’


it was so worth it.


leftovers in their less visible form are called memories.

stored in the refrigerator of the mind and the cupboard of the heart.

-thomas fuller

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  1. Lovely post Beth. I adored the team work in handling the brick of chili and of course all the sharp objects that went with trying to unearth it from its frozen state. What a perfect way to keep you warm and enjoy a movie at the same time.

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  2. OMG I just did this with some frozen vegetable soup. It took an hour to get it out of the container and chunk off enough to make a bowl full. I really hated breaking up the little seashell pasta pieces, but I couldn’t wait for it to defrost on its own. Grilled cheese would have been so much easier 😉

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  3. Ok..so this is going to sound like a random author just promoting her books…but I share this with you because your chili brick story epitomizes this book that I wrote…My book is titled “Forgive Me Martha” and its a collection of confessions to the great Goddess of Domesticity. I wrote this collection of poems and stories when my twins were babies. I would watch Martha Stewart and then compare her amazing sense of order to the crazy disaster my life had become. There’s even a story in there about lasagna made from left over chili–tho I like your brick poem better! ( Let me know and I’ll send you a free e-copy)


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