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  1. Love pansies! Definitely look like little faces! I have a book called, “The Language of Flowers,” that was given to me by a friend and it explains the sentiments of over 50 flowers. It says that Pansies mean remembrance, or you occupy my thoughts…now aren’t you glad I passed that little fun fact along? Oh – and how was your Cheetos/Paczki fest yesterday?!

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  2. Easy to say, hard to do when it’s 3 degrees outside. Mentally, spring, but reality is screaming DEEP FREEZE. When you can’t see grass or the patio because of the snow, counted in feet, it’s really hard to think spring and not stand outside and tell winter where to go…as quickly as possible. Winter is a houseguest who ALWAYS OVERSTAYS IT’S WELCOME.

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  3. I love how you put this one together, Beth. Yes, those do have smiles and for some reason I had never noticed this before about pansies! (I love all kinds of silly things like my youngest daughter has a guy friend who posts just little photos of monkeys, they are so amusing!)

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