full of it.


Dog Sitting Under Dryer in Beauty Salon

at the salon






herbal tea






full of self

all pomp




said things

to his stylist


i’m a writer

for the university

i prefer whiskey

only the finest

you probably

wouldn’t have heard of

the bands i prefer

i had an outing

with a large group

of my friends

this is my first haircut

since i’ve moved here

you should feel honored


he was young

and already

so filled up

having to prove something

to the world

and himself

and it went

on and on

so full

of false importance

and then

his patient stylist

opened a door

to get something


a head rolled out



he looked


he shrieked


his wall

fell down

just a bit

and the

rest of us




for a long time


the man

was quiet.

avoid having your ego so close to your position that when your position falls,

your ego goes with it.

– colin powell

image credits: getty images, flickr

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  1. All those things he said made me cringe. I’m surprised his own head didn’t explode, so puffy as it is–or that your ears don’t ache, having heard him toot his own horn so loudly. Pride comes before the fall, yessiree bob.

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  2. Too funny Beth. It is my oberservation that academics have a pecking order that is related to all sorts of things that just ,make the rest of us go “Whaaaat?” . Ha! they are an odd goup. Anyway Colin Powell is my hero. That quote is from a presentation he did way back on leadership. Do you have a copy of the powerpoint presentation? It is, without a doubt one of the most powerful descriptions of leadership that i have ever seen. He was so down to earth and real in every way. He was way too honest a man to be a politician. I wasn’t surprised when he bailed from the state office he held. They made him look like an ass on weapons of mass destruction on Iraq. He believed them and presented the case to the UN that got the war started. And they were lieing to him, Sheesh.

    Anyway, great post Beth – Thanks.

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  3. WOW … a glimpse of the Beth-Mind. How do you come up with these images and ideas and angles of thought that bring joy and encouragement and reminders-to-think-outside-the-box and laugh at ourselves? And your blog is a celebratory blessing: community is a wonderful piece, contrary to what some people say … that you cannot find community in cyber space. Oh, by the way: I love this post. ‘Been out of pocket for a while.

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