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  1. hey, we read what we wanna read and styles vary…interesting topic…great post! minored in lit…sat up against dorm wall and read my fanny off…now I read what I want…taught the great books University of Chicago jazz twice now…to little kids and college peeps…

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  2. Good timing, Beth! Last night I went to a reading and book-signing by a former newspaper colleague whose first novel was just published … “Trip Through Your Wires,” by Sarah Layden. Will dig in this weekend!

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  3. How funny Beth, this is the phrase I live by. I read and read, and read some more as you know. I have this phrase and Carpe Diem in my head- they sort of swing by every morning. I’m reading three books into Spring. I just finished one that was so much fun to read. Happy Reading to you!

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  4. I may not read as much in Spring and Summer, but love the quote! It is perfect for my colder inside months, where I cocoon and don’t want to get out and about! I am off very soon for my own adventures with my oldest daughter, sans kids!

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