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  1. So very true Beth.Actually a truism. You know combinations and permutations of only a relatively few different components. can produce some incredible structures with complex meanings. Obviously we assign meaning to words and then use them to communicate. but the same effect is true in many other cases – some surprising. .For instance, ants come into life with 8 or 10 hardwired rules in their little brains. They don’t do much thinking, except interpreting these rules, and yet their behaviour , just using these rues to interact, seems to mimic intelligence Their “thinking” is actually a function of their interactions while applying their rules. We humans can think internally and also with our interactions (that is to say our interactions produce changes in the world much as our thinking and planning does). As an example, some years ago General Motors had an assembly line problem. they were getting back-ups and lie shut downs because of their paint booths where cars were painted. All the engineering indicated they had ample painting capacity and yet back ups were occurring, It is time consuming and wasteful to change paint colors and yet they found themselves doing so far too often. (flushing lines and changing feeds and cleaning so that no cross contamination occurs) So they tried programming the control computers with 8 simple rules to govern the decision making and then let the computers decide when to change colors. the efficiency went up by more than 50%

    Cool post Beth. thank you very much. .

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  2. Who knew I could write code? I’ve just promoted myself. 😉
    My programmer sister-in-law thinks she’s such a smarty pants. But she writes code in more than one language….maybe I was a little premature on my promotion.

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  3. Now, I don’t want to throw an international ‘bump in the road’ but some languages have more than 26 letters, Beth! ha ha! It is outstanding to think of the infinite combinations and love the thought of cracking the code.

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    • fair enough, robin. i had limited my thinking in terms of english, but we are not the only language in the world, after all ) i love to think of all the possible combinations too –


  4. That’s an odd way to look at it, but it’s true! (although I guess spaces and punctuation make the number more than 26). If you make enough combinations of 26 letters, you’ll end up with a lot of funny names!

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