‘instead of trying to make your life perfect, give yourself the freedom to make it an adventure, and go ever upward.’ – drew houston



 original team lost in space


current team lost in space

(with a friendly rival)

a bit older and wiser

after our many years

spent in the stratosphere

as we

got ready

to begin

the amazing race

an action-adventure

road rally

scavenger hunt

charity event

in support of the

cancer support community

of ann arbor

and we were all over it


 convincing a dog to wear a crown for us


running through the law quad on central campus

in the middle of graduation and a wedding


figuring out morse code


word puzzles


using clues

pushing the legal limits

to find places all around town

all in four hours


and there were

moments of passion

and high energy

and we became

‘very spirited’


had to

make a video

perform a song

complete stunts

unusual tasks

try not to get arrested

solve mysteries

as a team


each with our own strengths

and challenges


 we came in

27th out of 35 teams

on our path


it was all great fun

 as a group of longtime friends

who’ve traveled through time with each other

we learned a lot

about each other

the spirit of adventure


the power of giving


i was so glad

we didn’t have to

eat any bugs.

image credits: 20th century fox television, cbs television, cancer support community of ann arbor


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  1. I am so proud of your squad for beating out eight others and raising money for the Cancer Support Community, Beth! That looks like a perfect endeavor for longtime friends. You driving with the birthday party hat on is pretty precious. Better than the dog crown, even! No arrests. Phew!! Happy day, indeed, Lost in Space adventurers. ❤

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  2. this post evoked long forgotten memories of a couple of charity treasure hunts my wife and I participated in with a group of friends some years ago in support of cancer research

    great fun

    thanks for the memory !

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  3. I thoroughly enjoyed (vicariously) going into the great beyond with your Lost in Space pals, Beth! You look fantastic in the photos, by the way. You look exuberant, healthy and happy. I like your trying to crown a dog, glad you didn’t have to eat any bugs and challenging your brains together to get through a type of Morse code, all for Charity! Yeah! and you did not come in last place! Yeah, again!!

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