sharing the same meal reaffirms kinship. – deng ming-dao



and what cat

could resist

the sharing



full of

sweet and magical dots


astronaut ice cream?

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  1. Lets face it we are all suckers for nice cat and dog pictures, and this is as charming as many of them. When my girls were small, under constant squeaking pressure from my little angles, the number of cats in the household rose to seven, so photo opportunities were common. Those were the days 🙂

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  2. Ah – I love this. A long while back I had a three-legged hairless cat named Oberon (technically he had an undercoat of fur as he was a Cornish Rex) who would sit politely on the kitchen table next to me each morning watching me eat my bowl of cereal. Part way through, I would sit back and tell him “ok” and he would carefully pick out a piece of cereal for himself. He was also allowed a small amount of the milk that remains in the bowl once the cereal has been eaten.

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  3. Nacho is such a great asset to the family and look at how beautiful your grandie is, Beth! We used to get those dots ice cream at the Ohio State fair! (I am not a fan of them, but my grandies like it at the Delaware Co. Fair….)

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