3d or not 3d? that is the question.



when my girls were young

we went on a matinee date

to see a dollar movie in 3d

everyone was so excited

then came

the popcorn and sweet treats

the movie started

the cardboard 3d glasses

got bent

 kept coming off

i finally used their barrettes

to attach them

right to their hair

 greasy popcorn hands 

made smears all over the lenses

 sticky candy stuff

got on their hair

 it got tangled

there were spills

 the movie was bad

at least one started crying

no one could see

out of their magic glasses

there was

a lot of

loud whispering

 it was not


what we expected

but we had

our own

very exciting

 real life

3d action adventure

right in our little row

none the less

and that’s

a heck of a lot of entertainment

for just a buck.

a mind that is stretched by a new experience

can never go back to its old dimensions.

– oliver wendell holmes, jr.

image credit: google images

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  1. It is so true Beth – once experiences are lived, they are no longer discrete but rather become integrated through-out our entire understanding – much as the molecules of nutrition in our breakfast end up dispersed though-out our physical systems.

    Thought provoking post. Thank you Beth.

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  2. And everybody else in the theater watched you guys, too, Beth! Waaaay more interesting than a bad buck movie. ❤ I remember the days of the barrette. When I was, saaay, fast approaching 40 and thinking I needed to grow a pony tail, my very cute niece Katie decided take her barrettes and use them on Uncle Mark's hair. There may be some photos floating around somewhere in my daughter Elisabeth's possession …

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  3. My first real 3-D experience was with some comic books that were a fad in the latish 80s. I did see an actual classic black-and-white movie in 3-D, though, thanks to campus cinema.

    The surprising thing about 3-D in my experience has been that it’s much better at depth than it is at projecting things out of the screen.


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