“we are a very, very unusual species.” – richard dawkins



as seen on a local porch

while on a walk downtown

 i’m a little bit afraid

and just wondering

what is with all the clowns?

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  1. So funny, Beth! You can’t get away from them!!! I do think they are losing popularity because people are finally realizing they actually are creepy and weird – and terrify children…and sometimes adults! lol

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  2. Maybe it’s a side effect of one of the new hundreds of prescription meds that came out in the past year. “Talk to your doctor about the side effects, including Coulrophilia, attraction to clowns…”

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  3. I often think that over the years, clowns have probably terrified more people than they have amused …

    Strangely, as I kid, we used to go to the Ringling Brother’s Circus every year when I was growing up, and the clowns never bothered me. I was probably in my early 20s when I started noticing the creepier aspects of them … I wouldn’t say that I’m terrified of them, but they’re definitely on my Creepy list.

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