ah, sunday –



and i’m in my happy place.

image credit: tickld.com


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  1. I shouldn’t encourage this kind of gratuitously cute post, as it is in conflict with my generally grumpy nature, but I can’t help myself. So there, are you happy? Look what you’ve done: I’m smiling. Shame on you.

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  2. Ha ha! You would never look like a ‘dog’ but the image of a relaxed pup does seem to suit the end of the week. Sorry, it was a tough one. My week had a down spot on Thurs. after leaving the library, Beth. My car would not budge out of park! I had to have a friend take me to work on Friday, I gave her my insurance policy, so they would come tow it, then call the place it would be delivered, she met the tow truck followed it and made sure the keys were given to the dealership service center. Miracles do happen! Turns out that gear plate was part of a Dodge Avenger recall and I must have had the postcard notification fall into one other mailbox or mixed into junk mail? Anyway, the cost was zero dollars!! Smiles and hope your upcoming week goes much better. Don’t forget donuts day coming soon….

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