farmers only worry during the growing season, but townspeople worry all the time. – e. w. howe



our opinions become fixed at the point where we stop thinking.
– ernest renan


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  1. Wow. What CM said except I picked mine up. There is nothing better than yummy produce that hasn’t been sitting on Kroger’s shelf for days. Also, does the second person think Kroger produce comes from air? Ignoramus.

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  2. My town actually had a similar debate–a majority of the community wanted a downtown farmers market at an area that had been built to accommodate such activities, but a nearby funeral home owner said that possibility of a farmers’ market (3 hours per week) would be a hardship because it didn’t set the right tone for his business. The farmers market moved to a space outside of town, which requires driving to reach, rather than in the heart of a downtown that benefits form and sustains foot traffic.,19643479/

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  3. I love Farmer’s Markets over grocery stores, Beth. This is a funny little piece you found and it looks old! I went downtown on Saturday and bought a few cookies and strawberries. Veggies were rather scarce, so far. Smiles!
    Our local farmer’s market days are on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings. I love that I can just walk to these events.

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  4. I am thankful that our area has 3 farmers market and a produce stand in the city that has been here for at least 30 yrs. Then we have an even bigger farmers market about 20minutes away. I would rather spend a little extra to help our local growers then to help the large coporate farms that are taking over. Something I have learned over the years there will always be grumpy people who want to spoil things for everyone.

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  5. Going to the Farmer’s market is one of my favorite things to do! Our farmer’s market is located behind our local food Co-op. It’s fun to meet up for breakfast with friends afterwards. I’ve never planned a meet-up with friends at a chain grocery store. They build community amongst so many other positive things. The food is soooo much better, too!

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  6. Sad to know that e.w. howe is so miss informed about farmers and his food source.
    a farmer begins planing and allocating assets for next years crop about the first hour after this years seed is planted.

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