“and all the colors i am inside have not been invented yet.” – shel silverstein



as our year together

comes to an end


an oval rug

a room

a building

the great outdoors

the community around us

we venture into new territory

making the leap

across snake rock

something new

and not so scary

with big kids

to lead the way



standing by

quietly watching


they grow into

their next adventure

with little fear

 with great excitement


just a few tears.

“ listen to the mustn’ts, child,
listen to the don’ts.
listen to the shouldn’ts.
the impossibles, the won’ts.
listen to the never haves.
then listen close to me—
anything can happen, child,
anything can be.”

– shel silverstein


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  1. Wonderful post! I’m going to share it with my teacher friends on FB.

    My husband is retiring from teaching in a couple of weeks. My daughter just began her first permanent position in the same district (different school and subject though).

    Enjoy your summer break!

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  2. down under, we are heading into winter, half way through the school year. I love Shel Silverstein. I have a book of his. I love upbeat poetry, such as this, not sentimental but imbued with hard won optimism. Do you know what poem it’s from?

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