deer crossing.


IMG_0713it began with the random choice of my reindeer shirt

the obvious selection for a springy-summery day

IMG_0708 i wore it on a visit to my daughter

as we sat in her yard

i saw something

out of the corner of my eye

 i looked over

to see this guy standing there

looking at me

he must have seen me

out of the corner of his eye


 i headed over to

the hidden and understated

hard to find

artisan oasis

known as

motawi tiles


where i came across this beautiful

handcrafted tile

and i knew

this was the one i was meant to own

all signs pointed me clearly in this direction.

“signs may be but the sympathies of nature with man.”
― charlotte brontë, jane eyre

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  1. An awesome set of coincidences –
    And yet some like the character of Jethro Gibbs believes not in quinkie-dinks 🙂

    Made me smile… since especially part of my husbands’ family name could mean ‘deer’ – so add that to your list 😉

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  2. i love deer so very very gorgeous…and I collect them also! <3!! I go nuts when they are killed and people pose with dead ones…and the photo op smile is always totally stomach-churning from the murderer…now i'll lighten up….this is a lightening up post!

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