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a point of light.


’twas fairy day at the artisan’s market

and soon they came around

lots of them of ev’ry kind

and treasures to be found.

“the fairy poet takes a sheet o
f moonbeam, silver white;

his ink is dew from daisies sweet,

his pen a point of light.

~joyce kilmer


“art is not a thing. it is a way.”-elbert hubbard


ann arbor art fair – july 1978

it began in 1960 


 132 artists (99 of them local)

 strung their artwork between parking meters

and locals came by

curious to see if artists

would really put their work on display in the street. 

  it now hosts over 1,000 artists and 500,000 + visitors

from near and far each year.

the ann arbor art fairs

(actually now a group of four)

will kick off today and take over the city

for what always promises to be four days

of creative display, talks with artists,

bargaining, excitement.

music, children’s activities,

and always, always

lots of surprises. 

“the art world is filled with vibrancy.”

-rachel kushner

image credit: ann arbor news archives, ann arbor public library old news, m live. com


“when the light turns green, you go. when the light turns red, you stop. but what do you do when the light turns blue with orange and lavender spots?” – shel silverstein



barbie takes a victory lap


creative muse


longtime friend


the real thing

asked for help

on her latest project

a big night


comedy, fashion, art, adventure, food, wine


all in support of detroit artists

raising money

for future

collaborative creative projects

 i imagined myself


at the door

setting up



helping models get ready

doing whatever

needed to be done


she asked me to wear

one of her designs

a statement dress

in the 50s style

all pink and flowery

with a

prom-like innocence

in the front

tiny birds nesting in my hair

 flowers on my heels

and a glimpse

of something more

a corset


 peek-a-boo fabric

in the back


a text

‘oh, and

you’ll be

carrying a dog

with you

on the runway’

a sweet little chihuahua, emmy

dressed in a pink tutu

11253685_10206899011374459_2304731640731739190_n (1)


we stepped out

of our comfort zone


the runway




great adventure

in spite of our fears

we even got

an audience vote

that read:

‘the one with the dog’

no one was immune


barbie’s recruiting

even her husband

with his

band of merry men

 fellow attorneys

ready to do battle

outside of the office


way beyond

the courtroom.

11406190_1667080556857689_4900949408332725792_o (1)bravery never goes out of fashion.
– william makepeace thackeray

deer crossing.


IMG_0713it began with the random choice of my reindeer shirt

the obvious selection for a springy-summery day

IMG_0708 i wore it on a visit to my daughter

as we sat in her yard

i saw something

out of the corner of my eye

 i looked over

to see this guy standing there

looking at me

he must have seen me

out of the corner of his eye


 i headed over to

the hidden and understated

hard to find

artisan oasis

known as

motawi tiles


where i came across this beautiful

handcrafted tile

and i knew

this was the one i was meant to own

all signs pointed me clearly in this direction.

“signs may be but the sympathies of nature with man.”
― charlotte brontë, jane eyre