“art is not a thing. it is a way.”-elbert hubbard


ann arbor art fair – july 1978

it began in 1960 


 132 artists (99 of them local)

 strung their artwork between parking meters

and locals came by

curious to see if artists

would really put their work on display in the street. 

  it now hosts over 1,000 artists and 500,000 + visitors

from near and far each year.

the ann arbor art fairs

(actually now a group of four)

will kick off today and take over the city

for what always promises to be four days

of creative display, talks with artists,

bargaining, excitement.

music, children’s activities,

and always, always

lots of surprises. 

“the art world is filled with vibrancy.”

-rachel kushner

image credit: ann arbor news archives, ann arbor public library old news, m live. com


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  1. You know, here in the north of England, being artsy, or creative, or doing pretty much anything without a “practical” purpose is often seen as a bit flaky and self-indulgent.

    (Doesn’t stop me, though…)

    And I think, imagine if the world was just full of practical people. Dull!

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  2. This is an amazing photograph, Beth! Ours only lasts two days and we close off four blocks. I usually feature an aspect or two of this. Ann Arbor is such a huge arts fair or festival!! Wow!
    I need to figure out miles and where a midpoint to you is. . . The clock is ticking! ⏰ ⏳ When do you go back to teaching?

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    • not taken by me, in the archives of the ann arbor library, but i think it shows the early look of the fair. yes, hope we can work it out and i’ll be back in school after labor day, but some prof. development the end of august )

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