robin’s nests created by the kinder using natural materials 

clay, twigs, pinecones, clippings

any robin would be happy to raise her babies in one of these beautiful homes


“wildness we might consider as the root of the authentic spontaneities of any being. it is that wellspring of creativity whence comes the instinctive activities that enable all living beings to obtain their food, to find shelter, to bring forth their young; to sing and dance and fly through the air and swim through the depths of the sea. this is the same inner tendency that evokes the insight of the poet, the skill of the artist, and the power of the shaman.”-  thomas berry


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  1. What wonderful things your class has accomplished this year. Almost graduation time.
    It is exactly what I think children should naturally be doing. I don’t believe it happens/happened everywhere, but creativity in children is often stifled or discouraged. Or maybe it is teachers who have been muzzled or restricted. Everyone in lockstep.
    I am not suggesting a free-for-all but guidance, assistance and understanding of little minds. Discipline is needed but it is not control but self-mastery.
    Not everyone will be a genius as we define it but hopefully secure in presenting their ideas.

    I only started rebelling recently. Not against others but against my own built in ideas and thoughts that it is wrong to be different.

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  2. And now they will forever recognize robins’ nests with their mud linings and beautiful blue eggs. One of my earliest ornithology lessons.

    One of my favorite quotes: “In wildness is the preservation of the world.” — Thoreau

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  3. OK, I’m still sick, but that Wendell Berry quotation made my eyes sweat. He put words on something I’ve been trying to. A friend wants me to drive 6 hours up to visit her ranch. I’d like to but also not. She said, “Life is short. Have the adventure.” I thought, “I’ve had a shitload of adventures like that. I want THIS adventure” which is essential what Wendell Berry is writing about. I waited my whole life to live in a beautiful wild place and paint. Where is there to go?

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  4. Although I don’t need to tell you but will tell you anyway what a wonderful job you have to share the children’s imagination and the joy of creating — such a joy to see this.

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