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Krewe of Red Beans Hire a Mardi Gras Artist
new orleans mardi gras home – photo credit: ryan hodgson-rigsbee

 “Hire a Mardi Gras Artist,” the latest altruistic endeavor from Krewe of Red Beans, is a grassroots effort that aims to transform 40 Orleans Parish homes into Mardi Gras floats, putting laid-off artists back to work and inspiring the city along the way.

The project is the brainchild of artist and float designer Caroline Thomas. The idea for “Hire a Mardi Gras Artist” came to her after several people asked her to decorate their homes. Thinking there might be an opportunity to put the whole industry back to work, Thomas approached Krewe of Red Beans and Feed the Second Line founder Devin De Wulf.

scary halloween tale of the scary halloween tail



my team and i decided to be birds for school today, as we’ve been teaching our kinders about birds and trees and all things natural. j1’s flamingo was darling, j2’s robin was so cute, and my cardinal – well, very colorful, but good thing they told me just before the parade that i was wearing it backwards and was proudly strutting around showing off quite a bit of human tail.  

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