we can only appreciate the miracle of a sunrise if we have waited in the darkness. ~ author unknown



the view out of my window

this morning in glen arbor,  michigan


one hour after we left

the storms began

every kind of bad weather

rolled in


left this beautiful little town

by the lakes




my family members

who are still there

 are all okay

hoping that all the others are too


the sun will rise once again

and the cleanup

will begin

with gratitude.


Staff report from the Glen Arbor Sun:
Glen Arbor was hit by a very severe storm on Sunday afternoon, Aug. 2. Winds of 93 miles per hour reportedly pummeled the town next to the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore at the height of the summer tourism season. As of Sunday night, the Glen Lake Fire Department was reporting that all roads into Glen Arbor, and around the Glen Lakes, are impassible.

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  1. Wow! I love the quote and your words, and was jarred by the news at the end. May all who were affected by the storm be safe. I’m glad you got out in time and all your family members there are okay. My life would not be as good without you in it.

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  2. Sorry to hear this awful news, Beth. I hope all of your family is safe, one, and all others in the town as well. I’m glad you and mg got out unscathed, of course, and am hoping for all the rest to work out as well as it can considering the storm that hit.

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    • it will all be okay, mark. messy, but can be cleaned up and repaired, as long as all people are okay, then that’s what really matters, everything else can be replaced. )


  3. I have a friend with a cabin up in MN who got slammed with high wind storms a few weeks ago too, told me an unbelievable number of trees were downed…remarkable…glad your family is OK! – Bill

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  4. Well, you and your guy pal probably were smart but reluctant to leave. It is hard to leave a beautiful place but I imagine you or he had deadlines or reasons. The family being safe is a great blessing and a relief for you (and all of us.) I heard that New Hampshire stormed yesterday and the circus tent blew over and killed two and many injured. Wow, dangerous weather conditions everywhere! (Drought and fires, rain and storms….)

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