men love to wonder, and that is the seed of science. ~ralph waldo emerson



it was science day

we made

solutions and color swirls

learned about buoyancy

floated and sunk things


we met

two big horses

a baby cow from scotland


a ball python



came back to our room

where we met

 a friendly silverback gorilla


and an anthropologist

who told us all about him

and he shared

his celery snack

and one of

the best discoveries of all

was when we found out

all on our own

that we could

make secret forts

under the big kid’s science table

IMG_0981 (1)

it was so great

to have a special day for science

but then every day

is really science day

if we just look around.

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  1. Holy Smokes! The kids got to meet a Silverback? Wow! And horses! My oh my, there would be very few in the world who have had that honor. Excellent Beth. For future exploration, I know that in Texas there are animal; programs that allow certain calm animals to be “rented” for a day (some with handlers). The Bloggess describes such a visit to her home for an anniversary gift Apparently giant sloths give wonderful hugs. Who knew?

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    • oh, paul. the silverback was just a costumed mom, who came with the anthropologist to teach the kids. the rest of the animal kingdom was the real thing, but not sure how a silverback would take to my room and all the kids hugging him and asking him questions. )

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  2. Getting very creative with the gorilla experience!! How cool!……..Science Day was always one of
    my favorites. Nice to see you had a sunny day to make it outdoors in comfort:)

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  3. Oh, Beth! The wonders you show those children. I could not believe their lucky day, meeting creatures like the gorilla and the baby cow from Scotland. The fort under the big kids deal was so great. Your concluding sentence was precious and True!
    “Every day is science day if we just look around.”

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