happy trails, nacho.




as suddenly as

nacho the cat not the food

stepped into our lives

and became family

he has exited once more.

last night he slept

calm and close

purring and cuddling

warm fur soft and gentle.

tonight it will be quiet.

we are made better

for having known him


he’ll be

remembered for

his sense of humor

Β his friendly ways


his love of life.

we will all miss him dearly.

adios amigo.

until we meet again.

“there is no death. only a change of worlds.”

– chief seattle


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  1. So sorry ……:(. I will miss hearing about Nacho….
    …..his stories gave me pleasure…….he sounded like a real sweetheart…….He was so lucky to have your love and care……and vise versa, I’m sure!

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  2. Oh Beth, I am so sorry.. Reading your post stirred up those tears I thought I had totally cried out when our old dog passed away in January. You never really forget this sad moment, but eventually the happy memories fill the void. Hang in there..πŸ’›

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  3. Oh no!! The grandies will be so sad. He looks so healthy and I am getting depressed. Showed my Mom your adorable and special Nacho. I loved the photo with your “reading” area snd Nacho listening to your grandson reading or keeping him company. . . 😦

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    • yes, he was here and gone so quickly, we’re all still getting used to it. the grandies wrote him sweet notes and are trying to make sense of it all. it was suddenly discovered that he was very ill, with no cure, and didn’t want him to suffer anymore. hard for anyone of any age to understand.

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  4. “tonight it will be quiet … we are made better for having known him … remembered for his sense of humor and his friendly ways … ” Good words, and “the quiet” is such a sacred thing. And remembering is a connection, in this case, to Nacho. Sounds like you are grieving well.

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