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  1. Anyone important person who speaks out for peace, harmony and an end to hatred is usually murdered. Those in charge of things, the people behind the curtain, so to speak, do not want peace, harmony or an end to hatred, that’s why they keep it going. I think people are aware of this but sometimes I’m not sure. It is a DANGEROUS thing to be on the side of peace and the cost is often your life.

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  2. I do think we have some great people in the world at the moment the problem is we rarely appreciate them in their lifetime.
    As for Trump, it’s amazing to see him getting any air time when he is so off the wall.
    Lovely quote as always Beth. You’ll have to come over here to trace your ancestry, or maybe just enjoy some craic and we’ll all pretend we know your relatives.

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  3. Amazing how many of those who preach equality or peace meet with an early death. The people have a voice and they must use it to bring peace, respect, love, and tolerance to the World.
    In the 60’s we had a generation of people who didn’t believe in war, any war but especially the Vietnam war. They left the country to avoid call-up but were known as draft dodgers.I think that people disagree with the wars in the Middle East and it’s time to make sure politicians represent their views and bring the military home..
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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