when onesie is not enough.


2_32   fear not, there are onesies for ponies too

parts of the united states and the united kingdom might be experiencing unseasonably warm weather but that doesn’t mean winter isn’t coming. and of course, ponies get cold too. that’s why the fun-sized shetland pony named daffy was given his own fuzzy onesie to wear. dubbed a “foursie,” the festive red pajamas fit over all four of the pony’s legs. the red onesie even comes with a hood to keep the pony’s little noggin warm. it was created by ascot racecourse to celebrate ascot’s christmas racing weekend. 

“in winter i always worry about daffy getting chilly as he likes to spend so much time out of his stable,” owner and animal trainer jackie rowberry said in a press release. “i love the fact that ascot has created a special foursie for daffy so that he can get into the christmas spirit. he’s loved all the attention and is quite the envy among his stable buddies!”

 credits: rebecca o’connell, ascot racehorse, mental floss magazine, jackie newberry




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  1. OK, I don’t understand the difference between a onesie and a foursie (And don’t tell me three-sie!) Also, if it was really so cold, why doesn’t the horsie stay in the barn. Doesn’t he have any horse sense?

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