trial and error.


trial and error recordings uk

a good friend and i

have decided to start

a local advice column

called, ‘trial & error.’

i’m trial, she’s error.

when people ask us what to do

our advice will mostly come

from a place of ‘what not to do,’

based upon personal experience.

perhaps someone will heed our advice,

though most likely they won’t.


how life is


how we learn.


image credits: trialanderrorrecordings, google images

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  1. Neat idea! Which reminds me–my husband Scotchguarded his new jacket, let it air dry outside for a day, then put it in the closet. The closet smells like sadness and sin. That’s what Scotchguard does to jacket material. We bleached it in hot water, let it sit in the cold air for a WEEK, covered it with dryer sheets, Lysoled the heck out of it, and still the potent smell of Scotchguard contaminates everything it touches. Lesson: Scotchguarding tennis shoes, fine. Jackets, not so much.

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