celebrate national pancake day with flair.



“drama is very important in life: you have to come on with a bang.

you never want to go out with a whimper.

everything can have drama if it’s done right.

even a pancake.”

– julia child

image credit: marmalade.com

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  1. Another, priceless, radical post …. Pancakes have been around for a very long time. Now, suddenly I want pancakes. 1993, summer, (a young buck) I worked at a place called Dornan’s in Moose Wyoming, right there at the foot of the Grand Tetons. It was a chuckwagon restaurant. At night beef, ribs, chicken, mashed potatoes, beans … were served from huge cast iron kettles. In the morning, they had pancakes for breakfast along with the other basics. And because I worked there, I could eat AS MANY PANCAKES AS I WANTED !!!!!! What a great memory you brought back for me, Beth. I wonder if I could train my dog to make pancakes like that?

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  2. I think that I missed the date on the calendar but I did take Micah to Bob Evans for pancakes, he likes just butter. My multi-grain pancakes had sliced bananas, pecans and maple syrup. I asked for a side of whipped cream. ♡

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