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  1. Bear-ly making it – Ha! I know that feeling. The Toronto zoo had a group of Polar Bears and there were tunnels under their ponds that had plexiglass turrets built in so visitors could pop their heads up inside the turrets and see 360 degrees around the bottom of the pond – with bears swimming all around. Awesome.

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  2. That is sooo true about Feb. It is the shortest month, but goes on forever……..when one is working and has had enough of the cold, snowy days……..But that does make Spring all the more glorious!!!!
    You miss that feeling of elation and wonderment when you live in a warm climate……..Pros and cons….pros and cons. :))

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  3. W are having the strangest February! We have a 9-in. snow, then in a few days we have a string of spring-like days, then another 9-in. snow, then another string of spring-like days. We are supposed to get 1-3 in. of snow tomorrow, but it’s supposed to be 62 degrees (F) on Sunday!

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  4. LOL:)) Everybody loves a snow day:) I just came across your site and happy that i did:) I’m new to blogging and want to invite you to check out my blog and if interested, following me back. I think its important to support others on this site:) Keep up the great posts!

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