merci beaucoup.



i would like to 

offer my sincere appreciation

to my 1 and only reader

hailing from 

the lovely 

french caribbean island



i wonder which of the people in this picture it is?

each day

one of them wanders 

out of the crystal waters

onto the baby powder soft warm welcoming sand

under an azure sky

dotted with fairy floss clouds

back to his/her lovely beach hut

and takes a minute to read my blog.

here’s to you

loyal reader. 

appreciation is a wonderful thing.

it makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.

– voltaire

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  1. wow! you are really on the ball. You were the first cab off the rank in liking my blog just minutes after it was posted. thank you and I love that you appreciate each of your followers even that lone person from Guadeloupe 🙂

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