“like father, like daughter. i’m not surprised.” – carol maturo



watched an episode 

of this iconic show 

in honor of my late father’s birthday.

he told me a secret

about this agency

when i was young.

one day

he showed me his special

man from u.n.c.l.e. card.

told me not to tell anyone.

i was always fascinated by the world of spies.

made perfect  sense to me

i thought advertising was his cover

why he traveled so much. 

told everyone i knew immediately

 told them not to tell anyone.

 they told everyone they knew immediately

with the same request.

when i got married

i asked him about it.

he told me

that he thought 

i had figured it out long ago. 

we laughed for a long time.

he had

the most incredible imagination


he always made me laugh.

 i still laugh

even when i think about him now.

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  1. Sorry I didn’t get to see this yesterday, Beth. I truly believe you had an even cooler Dad than the “Men” From UNCLE! 🙂
    Nice and simple tribute to a father who let you in on secrets of major security. ♡

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  2. Whoaaa! This post hits me … Title connects with the portion of your story you gift us with … The priceless relationship … you and your dad … brings me to a sensitive place in my space. I am touched by your love for your dad, and the memories you hold close. Oh, by the way, your wisdom in telling all your friends, even though your dad told you NOT to tell anyone, is an excellent story in itself … I’m glad they kept your secret.

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