each kinder

was asked

what wish

they would like

to send out

into the world

on a piece of paper.

one said this:


she understands important things.

the liberties of none are safe

unless the liberties of all are protected.

– william o. douglas

credits:  1920s AMELIARANNE Bedtime Goodnight, susan b. pearce



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  1. Such a nice post! There is a line of Micheal Jackson’s song which says, “There are people dying and if you care enough for the living, make it a better place.”
    Very nice post!☺

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  2. This picture made me want to kiss precious babies. I was very impressed with her wish for all to be safe. She definitely understands the world’s priorities! Give that girl a (soap) box and take her to the United Nations to speak. . . All we need is Safety for children!♡

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      • After writing my comment, I considered further. I think age matters. It’s important for young children to feel safe, but as we grow older, individual growth requires shedding earlier restrictions. It does worry me that children are growing up in a culture of fear. It comes from the adults’ and the media’s focus on it. The hate and fear mongering is so pervasive and exaggerated that it’s easy to lose perspective. This manipulation of the mass mind is reprehensible.

        School lockdowns? How much of this is the result of exploitation of tragic events by the media? Not just to report them, but to harp on them for months and years?

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  3. That’s lovely isn’t it. It always amazes me how small children often get to the heart of a situation or life without having to think about it. In a sense it reminds that that the more we learn the more we can lose sense of the fundamentals. Lets all stay as immature as possible, or is that a wish too far !?

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