go slow.



go slow reminder sign

with the world spinning by

and the kinders

always moving so fast

(with frequent collateral damage)

we decided

to try slowing things down a bit


they painted signs as reminders

practiced spelling and saying it

posted them around the room

first day –

one hit his head

because he

‘decided to jump backwards’

one fell down

while stretching and balancing

on a shaky stool

one banged something

when skipping down the hall.

we’re still working out the details.


wisely, and slow. they stumble that run fast.

– william shakespeare

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  1. Excellent lesson – one I still have to go back to occasionally (I am more naturally that way as I age but there are still times). This is actually a common concern even amongst the most scholarly and artistic of humanity. Alexander Solzhenitsyn in the First Circle introduces The Final Inch – a concept with which he promotes the excellence of taking the time to completely finish any project/thought/writing rather than leaving it partially finished to rush off to the next thing. In other words – Go Slow. And then as Michelangelo was wont to say, Trifles make perfection, and perfection is no trifle. In other words – Go Slow. Tend to the details.

    Your lessons are important Beth – keep up the good work. 😀

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