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“we shared ideas like sweaters,

with easy exchange and lack of ownership.”

― ann patchett, truth and beauty

credits: getty images, mental floss

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      • Yes indeed he was a kind and patient man who was an excellent teacher and who added a lot to the education of many children over the years. I was being a bit tongue-in-cheek sigh – it’s one of those things we men do that makes no sense but insulting someone’s manhood is considered a mark of respect and bonding. I’m sure you’ve seen it done. i did hesitate before I wrote it, given it would be read by both genders, but decided it was likely in the spirit of good-will he would understand.I once worked with a retired Canadian Special Forces operative. John was about 400 pounds, towered over my measly 6’3″ frame and had the temperament of a Teddy Bear. He could act quite effeminate and yet his ex- team mates told stories of his courage and conviction and bravery when under fire. Anyway, we used to tease him lightly and he sure could tease us back and did. One Halloween we had a party at our employer’s and John came dressed in this humongous pink tutu with size 14 matching pink ballet slippers. Ha! Talk about comfortable in his masculinity. That ended any teasing.

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        • great story, paul, i’m sure that was something and someone you’ll never forget. no worries, i’m always open to others’ opinions, it’s just something that never occurred to me )

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  1. Anyone who has ever knitted a sweater knows what an act of love it is to give it away. I’m too selfish to give mine away. The things I make by hand, like sweaters, socks, and neck warmers, end up becoming my favorite clothes.

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