rescue joey makes mischief.

“when a child is locked in the bathroom with water running

and he says he’s doing nothing but the dog is barking, call 911. ”

― erma bombeck

image credit: the kangaroo sanctuary alice springs, australia


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  1. Ha! too funny.

    I drove a gas tanker for many years and one day I had a load for a brand new gas station in a small mill town called Espanola in Northern Ontario. The station had only been open for about 2 days and had all the newest and highest tech gadgets in it for serving customers. Everything was spotless and smelled of new construction. When i was done delivering their gas I went to wash my hands. The bathroom door was unlocked so I walked in and here was a little guy about 4 years old and he was standing in front of an electronic paper-towel dispenser. As soon as he put his hands under the dispenser,,a sensor would trigger and a little electric motor would spit out a paper towel. He would allow the paper towel to drop to the floor and put his hands back under the dispenser, which would spit out another paper towel. All around him was a pile of paper towels that covered the floor and was ankle deep. I don’t know how long he had been standing there but it was very funny. I shooed him out and got one of the attendants. She just shook her head and said they had been having that problem with kids and the automatic dispenser since they opened.

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  2. This was so sweet, bringing an Aussie into the blog to emphasize a point. 🙂 Kids are indeed mischievous and creative with their choice of tools to create mayhem in the bathroom. Nine years of preschool with both typical and developmentally delayed children, lots of experiences!!

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