penguins running toward each otherhad a little caucus practice

with my class of kinders

to help them

to understand

the process.

they all began by

standing on one side


somewhere in the middle.

we also had two happy monkeys,

curious george on one side


soft cuddly monkey on the other.

each made big promises,

each told

what they would do for the kinders

if they picked them.

each worked

to get the kinders on their side.

one promised 

ice cream every day

one promised 

3-hour recesses

one promised 

no naps


on and on

went the promises.

and the littles


back and forth

back and forth

as they heard

the promises made.


one stood alone


never wavered

knowing what she wanted

and what she believed in

right from the beginning.

no naps.



when it was over

and the rest

had run

back and forth


back and forth,

she was still standing

where she began.

stronger than ever



wide awake.


the decisions you make are a choice of values

that reflect your life in every way.

– alice waters

credits: googleimages

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    • thank you so much. i think we all try to make some sense of the systems in place, as crazy as they may be. by practicing them with something they can identify with, even young children can see what we are talking about and doing as adults.

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    • ha, great! well, this is the long standing tradition of caucusing on the democratic side, everyone gathered in one room, running back and forth until everyone is on one side or the other. they are encouraged to cross over by others calling to them from the opposing side. once everyone is in place, they are counted and one side ‘wins’ the day. the republicans handle it differently,by writing their choice on a secret ballot and counting them up at he end of the day. i have a greater affection for one process over the other, but that is just me – )


  1. I want to be in your classroom Beth. Such a perfect lesson for the kids who are constantly exposed to the confusion going on around us. This way, they learn it well and stand by their beliefs. That solitary penguin really appealed to me.

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  2. How fun! Probably a good thing for everyone to learn, to help make sense of it (though, without getting too political, I think the caucus process is outdated in our political system – stick with primaries, as more people vote in them.)

    But, I love this story! I’m voting for the kid who promised ice cream every day.

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