glen enters, stage left.



i decided it was time to find a cat

who needed to be part of a family.

i searched all over

to find

 a cat who decided it was time to find a family

who needed a cat to be part of it.

we found each other

in a small cat rescue home

with a few cats and a few dedicated women

who worked tirelessly

to find the cats and the families

their perfect matches.

that is how i met glen.

his story was sad.

he was found abandoned at an elementary school.

a child took him home

his family took him to a shelter

where he was put in a room

with feral cats


ganged up on

had part of his ear bitten off.

then put in a small cage for his safety.

 a kindly vet noticed and asked the rescuers

to come and get him


he’s a big boy

who’s actually

 a domesticated cat

who didn’t know what to do

and had no home.

they named him ‘glen’

after glen frye of the eagles

who died on the day

he was found

and given a second chance on life.

he’s now glen frye the cat not the rocker


he moved in yesterday.

glen’s a bit shy and scared

but he’s coming around

and loves to be petted

and purrs and tips over

if you let him come to you


and he feels safest up high.

but he came down the steps today

all the way to the bottom

and he’s slowly

learning to trust again.

the grandies came over to meet glen

 my daughter made him a special basket and cushion

we’re all so happy to have him.

and he seems to really enjoy music.


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  1. i not only LIKE this cat tale…I LOVE…surprised? ha! <3! =^..^= and I am such an early bird because I just wrote my latest column while wondering if a filling just fell out or part of my tooth? and going blind from proof-reading so the story of your new baby MADE MY DAY! thanks, I needed this!

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  2. Love this story of how the cat was named Glen Fry and how he loves music. Poor dear cat, so sorry he had a rough gang of feral cats but this will be a distant bad memory in your loving household with visitors. xo

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  3. I always feel there’s something lacking in a person’s make-up/character if they are indifferent to the suffering, want, need of animals !

    well done, you, for giving Glen a second chance at life – both your lives will be enriched by the presence of each of you within that of the other !

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