unhappy meal?




took grandie j to get a kiddie meal


it came in this creepy bag.

it seemed an odd choice

for young children.

how many kids are terrified of this?

or their grandmothers? 

i really did try to cover up my fear. )

“where the fear is, happiness is not.”

– seneca (4 BC-65) roman philosopher and playwright.

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  1. Goosebumps was a very popular kids show. Kids seem to have a different measure of bad scary than adults do. We tried to sanitize kids stories for years – to no avail. Remember when we were kids? Hansel and Gretel got eaten by a witch; red riding hood was eaten by a wolf; we played war – where we regularly got “killed’; we played cowboys and Indians where again at least half were “killed” in each battle (and it could have as easily been cowboys killed as Indians – the winner was never a given); we played space ship characters with big guns shooting at everything that moved; we played violent board games like battleship,; and so on. Most children seem able to separate games or imagination from reality. In fact I would say that most children who are in solid loving environments will deliberately experiment with violence and/or death in fantasy. The key being that the child has to have a clearly defined ‘safe’ zone where they are loved unconditionally – then they seem desirous of exploring fantasy violence.If you check out the most popular children’s movies and games, i think you will find violence to be a highly desired characteristic. Personally, I think that when this is done well, it is a good experience for the child – and I know many disagree with that and yet the children’s choices seem to speak clearly to the topic.

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    • I think it depends on the child, the family and how things are presented. I’ve seen a lot of kinders who get scared by many things. Some take a while to be able to process what’s real, what’s not , even the most secure- depends on their level of development and personal experiences.

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  2. Gee, when I was a kid, I loved ventriloquist acts: Paul Winchell and Jerry Mahoney, Jimmy Nelson and Danny O’Day, Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy… now ventriloquist dummies are something to be afraid of? What a shame…

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  3. Gahhh!!! I’m peeking through my fingers to type this – horrible, yucky, icky dummies. These have terrified me since I was little and I’d flee shrieking to another junk food spot if I saw these 😦

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  4. I never understood the attraction of the Goosebumps series for my kids. My daughter, in particular, would have had nightmares if she had read those books – or gotten this “unhappy meal”!

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  5. My grandson, age 6, and his brother loved how the Goosebumps books release the monsters and then, how the true character of the author turns out nice. There is a scene Jack Black says “hi” to the real author in the film. Skyler shouted out about this!
    (I stood in long line to get R.L. Stine to sign their mother’s copy when she was with her Dad visiting.My 3 kids read these books from age 9 till 12.) Your grandies are younger than my two grandsons who saw this, Beth.
    He has a daughter he tries to protect. Puppets are scary and this may seem inappropriate. Wonder why it is still around 6 months after movie released??

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