my eldest grandson

asked me to join a book club

that would include

just the two of us


the dtc

(deep thought club)

as well.

i’m very flattered .

though  i’m behind in my reading


was very proud of myself

when i finally finished my book

and we had a good discussion about it.

then  he told me there are 3 more in the series


i have my work cut out to keep up with him.

we’ve had many deep thought conversations

and i’ve tried to have some answers

but he usually has the best ideas


he’s 8 years old.

i’m very flattered that these are such exclusive clubs

and i was asked to be a member.

i’ll do my best.
IMG_4801the answer i found is you stay away from

the people who make fun of you,

and you join these ad hoc groups who understand

your craziness.

– ray radbury

credits: the, the familiars

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  1. As it relates to Ray’s observations; it’s been suggested that we could stand to be more like the weather in that the weather ignores its critics. I’ve often used a line from Waylon Jennings’ music, “I’ve always been crazy but it’s kept me from going insane.” Thanks for inspiring deep thought this morning, Beth:)

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