ks, my colleague and friend across the hall

was thinking ahead


preparing for the school year

when ordering the food

for her classroom’s fishtank.

there were two size options available.

hmmm… she thought,

i may as well get the one

that looks just a little bigger

it costs just a little more

 but i won’t have to buy it again

until later in the year.

once it arrived,

much to her surprise

it was a gargantuan version

of the little fish food jar

we’re all so used to seeing.

it kind of looked

like an overblown prank prop.

but it was real.

i think it will last quite a while.

i think it may outlast her little fish.

and even if she retires in 30 years,

it may outlast her teaching career.

it may be her legacy.

most things in life come as a surprise. – lykke li

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  1. This made me laugh thinking of my wife who has been a teacher for 40+ years. Her classroom rule is no fish or animals because during weekends and breaks no one wants to take on the responsibility of caring for them.

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  2. Reminds me of the time my mother-in-law went to a wholesale club with her daughter who was a member. With everything being large sizes, she didn’t know what to buy. She bought a humongous jar of relish when she lived only with my father-in-law. She did not relish the teasing afterwards.

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  3. Ha! that is hilarious Beth. I like the comment Mark made – get enough fish to justify the food – Ha! I used to have a lot of aquariums – one was 200 gallons and was big enough for me to lay down in when empty. I love them but I can’t have any where I board now. If that is your colleague’s tank in the picture it is beautiful – the water is highly polished and clear – well maintained and the fish are happy (dorsal fins high, swimming in the center of the tank, great color, dorsal fins wide) . How do you deal with the algae – do you have a plecostomus? Your colleague was right to buy that size – the fish stores make all their money on food and supplies – not fish – and anything you can do to reduce the cost of supplies is a bonus.

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  4. Yes, another yes, and finally of course, this will be one of her BIGGEST legacies, Beth! I was chuckling at your giant “prop” of fish food next to those little fish!
    Side note, are you as excited as I am about the upcoming “Finding Dory” movie? I love Dory!

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  5. One day while my daughter was in 1st grade, her goldfish died. I wanted to shield her from the trauma so I flushed it. I sat her down after school to explain what had happened. She started to cry and said, “I wanted to flush it!”

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