hot dog with condiments.


12250019_1083375835006777_6106053091563502169_n (1)


in honor of our home opening 

detroit tigers baseball day

 the unexpected snow


the expected condiments.


credits: the intelligent optimist, rk photo, detroit tigers

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  1. I actually went to see a baseball game when I visited the States a few years ago, ( St Louis Cardinals.) I had little idea what was going on. A sort of fanfare sounded, then a guy walked out as they announced a load of stats over the tannoy. He swiped at and missed three balls in succession and then walked off to be followed by another player, announced in the same way who did the same thing. As the third player walked on I decided a moment of comfort eating was in order and went down to where I could buy a real American hotdog, accompanied by a coke and then rang my daughters to tell them I was having a real hotdog at a real baseball game. I can’t remember what happened next but I think I may have left the ground. I do remember the hotdog was much smaller than I thought it would be, producing a small pang of grief and shock which remains with me to this day 🙂

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  2. That’s a favorite Capote quote for sure.

    Just as importantly, unlike the Tigers, the San Diego Padres are definitely getting their fill of condiments – 27 innings without scoring a run…. tying the major league record to start a season.

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  3. Combining the baseball and hotdog themes: I’d say the driver of that Weinermobile is in a pickle and I doubt he relishes what his boss is going to say he gets the tow bill for getting his Weinermobile in a sling. He’d better run for home and not stop for a hot dog, and hope his boss doesn’t catsup to him, or he’ll be outta there!

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