stumble not.


chinese-shopping-mall-6701436-o (1)

traveling with my co-workers

to meet fellow educators

i was faced with a snap decision.

with one of us busy on her phone

working to get transportation from the airport

and the other already at the bottom

i suddenly realized i was left carrying two rolling bags.

while standing at the top of the moving stairs

and people piling up behind me.

i quickly did the math

and decided that:

me – one human


they – two rolling bags

would probably not all

safely make it down at the same time.

so instead of a minus one situation

at the end of the equation

 i heaved my companion’s bag

right onto the escalator

all on it’s own

let it just gently bounce and roll down

figured it could take care of itself

alerted them to look out for it at the bottom

though when they looked up

they were too busy laughing

to realize the gravity of the situation

and somehow

it all ended well. 

humans and bags both

none the worse for wear.

survival instinct kicked in

at just the right moment.

and that is why we are teachers.

we are always learning.

i feel that i might be good in a landslide situation.

or a kindergarten classroom.

“let thy step be slow and steady, that thou stumble not.”

-ieyasu tokugawa

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  1. I really like how detailed that story was. Most of the storys surrounding took place on the escalator and you made it work. I would really appreciate your comments on my stories at my blog gastradamus, the more writers i have the more it can take off and your that someone who can make that difference, keep it up pally wally

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  2. Oh, this could have been a disaster, Beth. We are not so adept in awkward places, hence you under a van on a slippery ice day. I may have faltered and not sure, may have turned around. You, on other hand: Good call! 🙂

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  3. The tricky buggers put glass on both sides.Around here there is a flat metal slide between the up and down that can be used to slide down luggage – in an emergency. Fast thinking Beth – and good outcome. 🙂

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